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There is something of Midnight Cowboy’s Joe Buck character sitting at the heart of R.W Roldan’s music, that same feeling of the country boy slightly lost and bewildered, bemused and amused in equal measure by the big city and its unfathomable ways.

– Dancing About Architecture

“What difference does the color of a man’s skin make?”. He makes the claim lyrically that “God gave us color, like He gave us blood, breath, and sight. He gave us a heart and soul to feel, and a good sense to know wrong from right”. How powerful of a statement is that? This song may not be the most musically challenging, but it is one of those special songs that challenges society to think and recognize the state of the social climate in which we live in. Roldan is able to convey more with just 3 chords here than the virtuoso could convey in 1 million notes.


We loved this song [Those Who Fall],  it made us want to light a cigaret, drink a beer and just live in the moment. The melodies are so catchy and so Country it’s just a pure feeling of joy to listen to Ray’s music.


‘Foreplay’ is a melancholy track, performed beautifully with a sparse accompanying arrangement. The rhythm guitar feels like a workhorse, downtrodden and hopeless but never relenting. The solo guitar is dark and haunting in the background, complementing the tone perfectly. Roldan’s voice has gritty, honest heart and soul quality to it. I could easily hear the track on a Johnny Cash record.

– FV Reviews